Batch Image

This WordPress plugin can be used to upload and resize any number of images at once.


It’s a single PHP file, so it can go directly into the wp-content/plugins directory, and be enabled via the Plugins admin page. Once enabled, an “Upload images” tab will be displayed in the “Write” section of the WordPress control panel.


  • Batch image uploader 0.2.1 (current)
  • Batch image uploader 0.1


There are a few configurable options and features. The plugin is a simple web form with a series of file upload chooser controls. You can choose to have the images resized to fit a certain maximum height and width; this happens automatically upon upload. You can dynamically add more form controls at the click of a button, so you can upload as many files as you need at any time. And you can configure how many are displayed on the page by default.

As of version 0.2, you can also choose which “backend” you want to use – that is, how the images will be resized. The choices are:

  • Auto – automatically choose the best available backend.
  • imagick – use the imagick PHP extension.
  • mogrify – use the mogrify program provided with ImageMagick.
  • GD – use the GD image library that is bundled with PHP.

Basically, imagick is pretty fast and looks very good. mogrify looks as good as imagick, but is slower. GD is the fastest, but doesn’t look very good.

Once you upload your images, a chunk of HTML will be displayed. Copy this, and paste it into an editing form. Currently there’s no way to automatically add these to a post, but I’ll get around to that at some point.

Image formats

The GD backend only supports PNG, JPG, and GIF images. If you use imagick or mogrify, you’ll be able to work with dozens of supported formats.

Future development

I’m still planning on tackling a few other requested features. Some of these are in progress already. Here’s a status report of what I plan to do:

  • WP MU support
  • I need to upgrade to WP2.1 before I can do this.
  • MagickWand backend
  • Support for the other ImageMagick PHP extension.
  • WP upload manager integration
  • They don’t seem to provide an API hook for this, which means it’s going to be more difficult than it could be.
  • Subdirectory configuration
  • Some way to organize uploaded images.
  • Zip file upload
  • Upload a zip file full of photos and process each one.